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What matters to us

Education Development Trust helps give young people the best start in life by improving education outcomes. We work with governments and directly with schools in many countries to help ensure that teachers and school leaders are the best they can be, and that they can help give their students the best start in life through a great education. Our work is diverse and responds to local context; overall we help to shape education systems and design education solutions at national, regional and local levels. It is very important to us that our work is evidence informed, so we invest annually in our own programme of educational research which is free to access from the Education Development Trust website. With our origins in English language teaching (ELT), our work internationally now spans:

  • School system reform
  • School inspection and evaluation
  • English language teaching
  • Careers and employability services

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Our work in Egypt

Education Development Trust has been working in Egypt for ten years through the Alexandria Schools Trust (AST), which was established as a charity in the 1950s to advance English language teaching for children in Egypt and other countries. In 2006, Education Development Trust began working in partnership with AST, supporting teacher professional development projects in Alexandria. AST came to view us as a trusted partner and, in 2014, the AST charitable funds were transferred to Education Development Trust. We have a long-standing commitment to Egypt and aim to do all we can to enhance the existing skillsets of local teachers and school leaders in the teaching of English using these charitable funds. In recent years, the emphasis of Education Development Trust’s work in Egypt has been to provide high-quality professional development in English language teaching.

As a result of our successful face-to-face training programme in Egypt, we have observed teachers making significant improvements to their classroom teaching practices. Our ‘English in Focus’ project aims to celebrate these improvements and share good English language teaching practice with teachers across Egypt and the wider Middle East. The website features video clips showing English language teaching techniques and activities filmed in real classrooms in Egypt, to which teachers can easily relate. We see this website being a powerful tool for English teachers in Egypt and other countries to effectively collaborate and share good practice.

A link to our brochure with further information about who we are and our work in Egypt


Education Development Trust’s professional development programme has allowed me to be upgraded in my field and cascade my learning to my peers who are requesting more and more training. These videos will allow English teachers from across Egypt to see how they can easily improve their classroom instruction.

Ishraqh Shaaban KG teacher at El Nasr Girls’ College, Alexandria

Ishraqh Shaaban talking at launch event