Using a teacher-made big book – pre-reading

Task 1

  1. A lexical set is a group of words with the same topic, function or form. Which three lexical sets are covered in this video?
  2. Are the words new or are they already familiar to the students? How do you know?
  3. What activities are used to check recognition of the vocabulary?
  4. Why would the teacher do this before reading?
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  1. The three lexical sets are seasons, weather and clothes.
  2. The students are already familiar with these words because they are able to perform the action associated with the weather and they recognise the season and clothes flashcards.
  3. The teacher uses ‘show me’ to check that the students recognise the different weather by performing the actions associated with the weather. The class will have been taught these actions in a previous lesson. The students are also able to produce the clothing vocabulary when they see the picture on the flashcard. If the words were new, the teacher would need to spend more time and say the words herself to model pronunciation.
  4. Just because students have covered vocabulary in previous lessons does not mean that they will remember them. If the vocabulary is key to the story, it is a good idea to re-activate it before reading.