Middle Leadership Training, September 2016

Participants at middle leadership training session

As part of our Middle Leadership Development Programme for Senior Teachers of English, a successful briefing session was held on 19 September in Alexandria, Egypt. This session was attended by course participants and the headteachers of the pilot schools, as well as representatives from Al Azhar, the National Institute schools and the British School of Alexandria. Participants were extremely enthusiastic about the project, and further schools have now requested to take part.

An initial 3-day middle leadership training session was held from 20-22 September and received excellent feedback from participants. This training included the following elements:

  • recognising effective English language teaching and understanding how to develop it in teams
  • reflecting on the role of a senior teacher
  • skills of effective educational leaders
  • coaching skills
  • the theory and practice of peer-to-peer collaboration, in particular professional learning communities